The Wide Field of Professional Landscaping Services

Landscaping companies come in various shapes and sizes. Some are small, one-person operations, while others are run by teams of professional landscapers. Some focus on residential lawn care while others work in large-scale commercial venues. To help you find landscaper contractors who offer all of the services that you need, it's important that you are knowledgeable about what they actually do. Essentially, most fall into one of two categories:


Tasks associated with maintenance focus on grooming and visual appeal. During the spring and summer months, the usual tasks include applying some fertilizer, lawn mowing, and edging. These professionals also mulch or spray in order to prevent weeds, planting flowers, and prune your bushes and trees.


Landscape installers serve several different functions. They often perform a comprehensive array of activities that range from spruce-ups to complete transformations. They use their expertise in order to offer their customers site assessments and evaluate any existing conditions there may be. Installers create complete designs that will solve these problems and improve the yard’s visual appeal. Not only that, but they also pinpoint plants that need to be replaced, refreshed, or just completely removed. Many people don't realize that these landscapers also often do paving projects such as terraces, retaining walls, walkways and patios. They oversee each and every aspect from start to finish.

Within these two categories, many landscape contractors at Nexhit and various other services focus on one of three lawn care specialties:


This term refers to the soft, plant-based elements of your landscape. This is one of the more common areas. These individuals are most interested in the selection and installation. They also make it their job to maintain the health of your yard. They care about what's on the surface, more or less.


This particular term is used to describe all of the exterior elements which are constructed of hard materials. Installations of these kinds are usually permanent. They range from the retaining walls to your drainage control systems. These types of landscapers would work to enhance your paved walkways, porches and patios.


Some landscapers enhance the design of your home with water features. This individuals are focused on improvement that involve moving, containing, or highlighting the water around your property. This means that much of their time is spent on the design and installation of ponds, pools, fountains, streams, and waterfalls.

As you can see, landscaping can be far more than simple lawn mowing. And the services you choose will ultimately depend on your personal goals. If your are interested in simply sustaining your existing landscape, then you may need a landscaper who will perform all of the regular maintenance tasks and checks. You will only need someone who focuses on small projects as they are needed. However, if you are someone who has a certain vision and would like to remake your landscape or implement a few select alterations, then you should hire someone who has a lot of experiences with design. This person can help to give your home an entirely different aesthetic.